MT-hydraulic cutting metal roofing ridge cap making machine

MT-hydraulic cutting metal roofing ridge cap making machineProduct Description

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MT-hydraulic cutting metal roofing ridge cap making machine

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     General details
    Suitable Material
    Coil width
    1000/1200/1250MM(according to your need)
    Materials thickness
    About 7*1.4*1.5m(L*W*H) , as per the drawing
    Length of the Sheet
    can set the length according to your infact need.It is controlled by PLC which can ensure the accuracy of +/-1mm.
    Automatically stop and cutting when it comes to the set length.

    Components Details
    Roller Material
    High grade 45# steel. Hard chrome plating, 0.05mm.
    Main Frame
    350# steel. More stable and no shaking.
    Middle Plate
    16mm. We use thicker plates to ensure stability of our products.
    Forming Steps
    9-20 steps, according to the drawing.
    Shaft Material
    Φ70 mm, high grade 45# steel. Treating process: tempering- finish turning, high rigidity, hard to deform.
    Cutting Blade Material
    Cr12, hardness HRC60-62. Treating process: heat treatment- plane abrasion- wire electrode cutting.

     Electric Components
    Suitable Power
    380V, 50 Hz, 3 phase(according to your need)
    7 inch touch screen, easy to operate.Brand Delta or based on your need
    Delta Brand (Or Panasonic /Siemens ) Well-adapted to various conditions, such as moisture, electromagnetic disturbance.
    Frequency Converter
    Sanjing It has the advantage of slowing down before cutting, to ensure the length accuracy (±1mm, far better than industrial
    standard ±3mm).
    Length Measurement Device
    Omron, made in Japan. It features with high accuracy and stability.

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