Fully Automatic Popular Making Steel Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Industry-specific attributesTypeGuardrail Roll Forming MachineTile TypeColored Glaze SteelProduction Capacity15-25m/minRolling thinckness0.3-1.0mmOther attributesApplicable IndustriesHotels, Garment S

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A highway guardrail roll forming machine is a specialized industrial equipment designed for efficiently manufacturing highway guardrails or crash barriers. These machines are crucial in producing the metal panels or beams that form the protective barriers along highways and roads, ensuring safety for motorists and vehicles.

Key features and functions of a highway guardrail roll forming machine include:

Material Handling: The machine works with metal coils, commonly galvanized steel or other durable metals, which are fed into the roll forming process.

Roll Forming Process: Metal coils are passed through a series of rollers, molds, and shaping stations within the machine. These components gradually shape the metal, forming the specific profile and design required for highway guardrail panels.

Profile Customization: Some machines allow for customization of guardrail profiles and dimensions to meet different safety standards and project specifications. They can produce various types of guardrail profiles, such as W-beam, Thrie-beam, or other specific designs.

Precision and Accuracy: The machine is engineered to ensure uniformity and consistency in the shape, dimensions, and structural strength of the produced guardrail panels.

High Production Speed: Modern highway guardrail roll forming machines operate at high speeds, contributing to increased productivity and meeting the demand for guardrail installations along roadways.

Versatility: These machines can adapt to produce different guardrail profiles and configurations required for various road safety standards and project needs.


Highway guardrail roll forming machines are integral in the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure. The guardrail panels produced by these machines provide critical protection by preventing vehicles from leaving the roadway, minimizing accidents, and ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

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  • Raw material
    Material spec
    Colored steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheet
    Thickness of coil sheet
    Machine details
    Roller material
    High grade no. 45 forged steel with 0.05mm hard chrome plating
    Shaft material
    High grade no. 45 carbon wrought steel
    Cutting blade
    Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
    Diameter of shaft
    90mm or as your requirement
    Main frame
    350 h steel
    Hydraulic pressure
    Controlling system
    Famous plc computer control
    Material of cutting table
    Cr 12 mould steel with quenched treatment
    Hydraulic oil
    40# hydraulic oil
    After sale-services
    Delivery time
    50workdays after receiving the deposit
    30% deposit by t/t in advance and 70% balance after inspection confirmation before shipment

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