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Galvanized steel U-shaped guide rail making machine is a special equipment used to produce U-shaped profiles, which are commonly used as guide rails in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Key features and functions of this machine include:

Material Processing: This machine processes galvanized steel coils or sheets and feeds them into the roll forming process.

Roll forming process: The metal coil passes through the machine's rollers and forming parts, gradually forming the U-shaped profile required for the guide rail.

Guide rail profile forming: This machine accurately forms galvanized steel into U-shaped guide rail profiles, ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the size and quality of the formed parts.

Galvanizing Process: It may include a process or system of applying a protective layer of zinc (zinc plating) to steel profiles to enhance their durability and corrosion resistance.

Customization and Precision Engineering: Machines can offer adjustability to create U-rails in different sizes, thicknesses, or configurations to meet specific industry standards or project requirements.

High productivity: With its specialized roll forming process, the machine is able to operate at efficient speeds, helping to increase productivity and meet the demand for U-shaped rails in a variety of applications.

These U-shaped profile rails are widely used in various industries as rails or guide systems for various types of machinery, conveyors, sliding doors, etc. Machines dedicated to manufacturing these profiles ensure precision, uniformity and durability, meeting the functional and structural needs of different industrial sectors.

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    Applicable Industries
    Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works 

    Weight (KG)

    Showroom Location

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    Machinery Test Report

    Marketing Type
    Hot Product 2020

    Warranty of core components
    2 years

    Core Components

    Place of Origin
    Hebei, China

    1 Year

    Brand Name

    Product name
    U Shaped Profile Guide Rail Produce Machine

    roller shutter

    12 months

    C or U shape

    colored steel plate, galvanized plate, or aluminium plate

    material thickness
    0.8---2.0 mm

    380V 50HZ 3Phase


    After-sales Service Provided
    Video technical support

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