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The fully automatic C Z-type purlin forming machine, with one-touch shape changing button and stacker, is an advanced equipment for producing C-type and Z-type purlins. These purlins are important structural components in building structures used for framing and structural support.

Key features and functions of this machine include:

Fully automatic operation: The machine operates fully automatically, reducing manual intervention and optimizing the production process.

C Z-Purlin Roll Forming: This machine is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately roll-form C- and Z-purlins from coiled metal (usually made of galvanized steel or other durable metals).

One-touch shape change: With one-touch button functionality, you can quickly and easily switch between forming C- and Z-shaped purlins without the need for manual adjustments or extensive downtime.

Stacking machine function: This machine is equipped with a stacking machine, which can automatically stack or bundle the produced C-type and Z-type purlins, simplifying the handling and packaging process after production.

Material Handling: The machine efficiently processes metal coils, feeding them into a roll forming system to form C- and Z-shaped purlins.

Customization and Precision Engineering: It offers adjustability to create different sizes, thicknesses, or C- and Z-purlin configurations, ensuring uniformity and precision of the molded assembly.

High production efficiency: fully automatic operation, one-click model change, integrated stacker, fast machine operation, greatly improving production efficiency and meeting the needs of large-scale production.

This type of advanced machine is vital in the construction industry for manufacturing versatile C- and Z-shaped purlins that play a vital role in providing structural support and framing to buildings. Automated operations, rapid deformation capabilities and an integrated stacker simplify the production process, enabling efficient and continuous manufacturing of C- and Z-shaped purlins to meet the different needs of construction projects.

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    Roof, Wall, Floor
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    900.00cm * 80.00cm * 120.00cm
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